Facebook Marketing Expert

I will double your Facebook traffic…
…for less than you are spending now.

That’s right… I will increase the productivity of your Facebook campaign to the point where you are paying less than you were before, yet I will increase your traffic – right from the moment I start.

Hi, my name is Robby Ramos and I am a Facebook expert!

I am a real person, I live in Montreal, Canada and I have been a Facebook expert – in all industries and niches – since 2010.

The Whole Problem

Facebook is definitely one of the most powerful and effective ways to get new clients…


… it’s also really, really hard to do properly! Most people fail, and they could have succeeded.

Facebook Ads does not appear to be hard… I mean, you can get started with a Facebook campaign really quickly.

But… after personally working on many different Facebook projects over the last 4 years – let me share with you the most important thing I learned about using Facebook to get new clients:

“A super successful Facebook campaign – or a complete failure of a campaign – depends 100% on a list of small but very critical details.”

It frustrates me really… I see good people, in all sorts of different industries, launching campaigns every day that end up failing. Wasted money.

And yet they could have got more leads and more clients if they only knew all the little nuances and tricks and small details that we Facebook experts know about.

That’s why I launched this service.

It’s all about the details

These are just a few of the critical details I’m talking about:

  • Knowing how to use the 2 types of Ad formats
  • Proper use of targeting your audience
  • Why a Facebook page for your business is essential
  • Click-through-rates (possibly the most important thing)
  • Landing Page elements and “continuity”
  • Understanding “native advertising” in volume
  • How to use the Facebook Call to action buttons
  • Campaign maintenance.

…and a few other things that need to be done correctly for an effective campaign.

Not all results are equal

Not every campaign yields the same results. Some niches and markets will be more competitive than others with out a doubt and although I strive to bring your Cost Per Click down, conversions will differ. You can take a horse to the water….

Effective Campaigns

facebook marketing resultsI focus on increasing your Clicks, Click Through Ratio and Relevance Score that will lower your Cost Per Click. Traffic is only the first part of the equation! Although traffic is key, it is not certain that they will convert. A proper landing page is require with continuity that will yield in higher conversions so that you can focus on your leads.

facebook marketing results

Robby Ramos - Facebook Marketing Expert


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