Dorval SEO Specialist

Welcome to SEO Experts Dorval. We are the number 1 source for ranking services and our main focus is getting your website and web properties on the top of page one of the major search engines.

Do you have a business in Dorval, QC and would like to dominate the first page of the search results?

Hi, my name is Rob Ramos and I am the owner of RobboDesign, the top online presence and brand builder according to the Google search engines. Did you know that websites that sit outside of the top 10 search results do not get a sniff of traffic and therefore losing out on a huge percentage of traffic and potential clients?

That is right! If you are outside page 1, you have very little chance of being found and building an online presence. Your visitors will not increase therefore your business will not grow. Most businesses build a website and spend a large amount of their budget on fancy design and effects but neglect the most important aspect of having a website and that is traffic.

Having top spot in Google, Bing and Yahoo will allow your target audience to easily find you and will most likely become a client if you have what they are searching for.

One of the biggest advantages of dominating the first page of search results is that it will cut your advertising costs down especially if you are currently running Pay Per Click campaigns. Traffic through search is organic and free (well free to the extent that you are not paying per clicks).

Our Dorval SEO Service Includes

Full website audit to determine whether your website is search engine friendly and has not had previous work done.

  • Optimize all on page elements to make your website search engine friendly and to prepare for off page work.
  • Articles
  • Press Release
  • Web 2.0 Properties
  • Social Media Properties
  • Video creation and optimization.
  • Off page tasks to improve organic rankings and potentially increase traffic.

When building websites that are optimized for search engines, we do not just build and try get them ranked right away. There is a time process involved so that it all looks natural. Going too fast may cause your website to be penalized and de-indexed from the search engines. Meaning your website could be ranking well and all of a sudden drop from the search pages.

The recovery process is more arduous and time consuming with no guarantee of recovery. This is why we build and optimize websites correctly right from the beginning.

Not all results are achieved in the same time and thus cannot stipulate a specific time to achieve results. We do know that results typically occur within four to six months using our SEO services.

The most common mistake businesses or individuals make when using SEO Dorval is that once they reach page 1, they stop performing search engine optimization thinking that since they are ranked, they are there to stay. That is not the case. All your competitors are vying for your spot and will try to out ranked you.

It is essential to continue SEO on your website to maintain high ranking positions. Our SEO Strategies are very effective and costs do very for each project. Click the discovery form link below so that we can get to know more about you, your company and goals.