The Power Of Dedicated Server Hosting

The Internet is flooded with those who have just established a website. Each and every website in creation is hosted on a server of some nature. Many of these servers are poor, mediocre, and littered with hundreds of websites. This makes them a poor choice for any individual wanting to pursue a professional and fast website.

Fortunately, there is an option. Obtaining dedicated server hosting is about as valuable an option as once could get in this fast-paced world of Internet marketing, blogs, and sales. A dedicated server essentially is a server that is specified for your project/website. That means no sharing with other sources, no bogging down with shared server specifications. A dedicated server is built for you, and, for the most part, controlled by you.

The Speed

The benefits to dedicated server hosting is immediate and resonating. Firstly, the speed is noticeable swifter, resulting in faster scrolling through one’s website, and faster response time for incoming visitors. The most significant factor is undoubtedly the vastly increased reliability. Dedicated servers are appropriately more expensive, but with a greater expense comes greater reliability in the servers functionality and access.


What few understand, due to a lack of core knowledge, is that dedicated servers are substantially more valuable. You are not affected by other websites on the server. For example, a shared server may hold 200 websites. If one of those websites was to gain a massive influx of traffic, it would cause your website to slow down considerably, and perhaps freeze entirely. Even further, if the server goes down for any reason (such as another site acting up) your website will not be accessible. This could be devastating. Dedicated server web hosting rarely collapses, and if they do, it was likely something on your end! You have near full control of your server space and what occurs with it. This is the value of a dedicated server.

Multiple Domains and Growth

If you tend to have multiple websites, it is an extremely simple process to hold all your website domains on a single server. With a shared server, you may not be able to get all your websites at once source. A dedicated server leaves the option to add multiple domains on the same server- reliable web server hosting at that!

Comparing dedicated servers to a shared server is like comparing a college dorm room to a house. The space is all yours, and yours to do whatever you mean to do. If you account for the greater security, as well as the option of multiple domains, increased reliability, and control, you have one of the most glaringly obvious decisions in web server hosting. If you take your online business enterprises seriously on any level, dedicated web hosting will be your only true option. You can visit a dedicated hosting provider like to learn more about the benefits of dedicated servers.

About the Author: Dustin Williams is an IT professional who currently works for a global hosting services provider. He is an expert in the areas of dedicated servers and dedicated web hosting. You can visit to learn more about dedicated hosting.

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